Wire Mother

by Wiggler !?!

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5 outta 5, the King of Alive - Dyn-o-mite! 10 outta 10, between now and zen - Dyn-o-mite! He lives in the straight between 7 and 8 - Dyn-o-mite! At 7.5, the King of Alive - Dyn-o-mite! Stands on the porch with pitchfork and torch - Dyn-o-mite! Rain and parades and frantic charades - Dyn-o-mite! Simple demands from mongoloid hands - Dyn-o-mite! Okay, fer sure, the rise of the pure - Dyn-o-mite!
I try to keep an open mind, but it's so hard to keep a shut mouth My cynicism is refined and my fortunes are going south 'Cause jade is a lucky colour And jaded leaves an ugly pallor I ride the waves of discontent Maladjusted malcontent, vitriol. An exercise in futility. My patience is in full arrest Such a tragic comedy, the truth of which I can attest
I don't know what to tell you that you haven't heard a thousand times before I don't know how to compel you when you know a trite respite is quite a bore Are we on to ennui? In and of itself the boredom's such a chore Too old to be angsty and too much that doesn't happen that I can't ignore And I'll just give you a glimpse inside my head I'm too tired for another retread Matter and energy just don't matter The relevance is relative instead So, where does that leave us? I can't change the world, I can't even change your mind I can't even grieve us broken down to pieces by the daily grind The dawn of a new day? Another couple dozen hours to wait The spawn of a new way? An onslaught of nothing at a fervent pace
I came 100,000 miles just to see your face If'n you put it on wrong, I'm sure it can be replaced Get your phasers drawn or maybe get them traced Clipping Van Allen's Belt around a nuclear waist Chasin' the Pony Boy across the hemispheres Countin' off the seconds on a scale of light years Sigmund Freud's smiles are merely cultured sneers Perched up on a throne and unrivalled by peers Triumph of the Pony Boy Your money or your life is what the Captain said When in doubt, choose both so I shot him dead Acrid, slanted rain hits the back of my head Sacrifice the lamb in the martyr's stead
Stick a $40 bill in my g-string, baby Tell me how to shake my groove thang, maybe A milky white gut with a honey-sweet glaze Grab a little weenie from revolving meat trays Try me on, try me on. Sweat sock of love I'll sink the Bismarck with my flesh torpedo Popping a stitch at the side of my Speedo The lint in my navel's just like a pimento On the back of your leg, I'll leave a memento
Dig a furrow in the sofa and plant 'em backside down Give 'em a box to stare at and food from the Evil Clown Taunt them with what they don't have to instill a sense of greed Stifle creativity until their brains get atrophied Be sure to harvest them quickly before smug turns to smarm And every year's a bumper crop down on the idiot farm Give 'em a flag to stand behind so they know them from us Teach them how to kneel, obey and swear they'll never cuss Have them shun their naked selves with paralyzing shame Then they'll cull the weak from their own herd until they're all the same
I don't know if it's apathy I don't know if it's lethargy It might just be soliloquy But I don't wanna hear I see your lips go up and down I hear no substance, just hear sound Gonna drive this point right into the ground A point you seem to hold dear Faster than a speeding thought, the spoken word is all you've got Gnashing teeth and flapping gums, can't wait for the date when no sound comes No action, no crime Another generation running out of time And so what? So come on now. I wanna never hear you make another sound No action, no crime Another generation for another time And so what? So come on now I wanna never hear you make another sound


released May 10, 2002

Mr! Erik is proud to endorse guitars

Recorded at The Launch Pad, Vancouver, BC
Mr! Erik will be held responsible for everything

Stunt guitar, bass thunder, loops, synth, FX, vocal theatrics


all rights reserved



Wiggler !?! Ontario

Anything goes if it's fun and interesting!

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