Wiggler vs. Godzilla

by Wiggler !?!

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Cinnamon Bun Girl, I'll take you 'round the world I'll take you to the moon In the sky above your bed at night Gonna come down and make you feel all right Teeth gleaming on a regal steed of white I'm the king, babe. Tonight, I'm your knight
All right, now!
You can't do five things all half assed at once
Down from the stars, Thunderlad! A silver ass guitar, Thunderlad! A bigger dick than you, Thunderlad! Out of many comes the few The galaxy is his playground He grows to ample size His space Cadillac seats just two He'll win the carnival prize The galaxy is his playground He grows to ample size His space Cadillac seats just two He'll win the teddy bear prize He plays his guitar like it was born attached to him He rocks with the strength of 10 ordinary men
Yeah I drink Jolt, I drink coffee too Chew the beans raw. Gotta help you push it through Drain your fourth cup and things are looking up And things are perking up, so keep it perking up Strong and black, like George Foreman. Hoop your skinny latte, and there's the door, man A little push to break through the cattle You want a latte? Fuck off to Seattle. Caffeine, carry the flame for me Caffeine, sweet angel of destiny
He rides a rocket like a pony and no wind whips his hair Pirouette in zero G. Dance upon a lack of air Like Zorro in a pressure suit, his cape shall caress the day Relieves you of your bags of loot, the galaxy's a captive prey From the vault in the mothership Nostradamus sang his praise Sword leaps to hand from hip to inoculate with gamma rays Fat wallet muzzles his buns in pantaloons a parsec wide His smile would blind the sun, he's slicker than Astroglide
It speaks without a tongue Spouting Freud and Jung Accusations flung Words that might have stung Thee prehensile ass Behind a toothless grin Secrets from within Whiskers but no chin Starts where it begins Misunderstood, no one hears his cries Enigmatic, no tears from no eyes He's emphatic, he's actual size He's embryonic robot in disguise Spiders that can bark Lights without a spark As naked as he's stark Shifting out of park
It's the whole world, baby. Where do we land?
I paid for more food than this Last time you brought me more food than this
She's a woman among men, that's fer sure Rub her belly and hear her purr Pretends like hell she can play the guit-ur No thanks, ma'am I think you're a sir Got to move around her to see the TV Sold Mommy's car, but the walkin's is free 8 bucks an hour is fancy for me Ram her through the puss with a bent up Slinky Redwood circuference Wibble wobble, fall off the fence Rotunda - Son of Car She's a sugar cone mama with an extra scoop Think of all the dolphins that could jump through that hoop Mortal Kombat II makes her think she should shoop Peach potpourri glaze on her poop Hang out at home and eat Girlie's chips Scare Abe Vigoda with the girth of those hips Alcohol syrup drop hangs from her lips Gonna suck you dry with little girl sips
I have so many tattoos I'm rich man, I paid my dues I can lift much heavy weight I stay home and masturbate Do it! Yeah!
Mr! Beanpant, he challenge Mr! Meatpant Mr! Meatpant, in challenge for the MeatBean Mr! Beanpant strides out into the autumn fields Mr! Sunshine gleams down upon bright foil and shield From beyonder realms of nether passed on sinned Grandpater's words dance upon the clover wind MeatBean controls affair of the heart Warm wind tugs at the ribbons in his hair from across the field Treasure of MeatBean lures the sword and shield Two men become one man again, ne'er shall they part For MeatBean controls affairs of the heart Anthony Michael Hall, or Crispin Glover?
She's my fag, she brings me salad in the morning She's my fag, she brings me salad in the evening


Mr! Erik put the "dig" in digital


released February 14, 1997

Recorded at Columbia Academy, Vancouver, BC from January to July 1996
Engineered by Mr! Erik, Brian Morrow and Greg Little
Produced by Mr! Erik
Originally manufactured at Pacific North, North Vancouver, BC

Art by Mr! Erik
Photographic Endowment by John "of the Hoods" Haslam

Written and performed by Mr! Erik

(c) 1997 Third Nipple World Domination (SOCAN)


all rights reserved



Wiggler !?! Ontario

Anything goes if it's fun and interesting!

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