Summertime Blues

by Wiggler !?!

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I wasn't down with the mainstream, Baby. Neither were you. Punk rock was a fashion show, so what the hell could you do? We never had any god-damned movement, we were just rock'n'roll bands And pulling our heads out of our asses never figured into our plans. So, whaddya wanna do now? Keep milking out the cash cow? Or stride out anew? Stay tried and true? There's still hell to pay. So, whaddya wanna do next? Can you remain in context? And affect change or just rearrange that same old shit from yesterday? I hung out with the rebels, Baby. They all looked the same. They all wore the uniform and carried the rule book in the game. It transcends any punk rock song 'cause stupid is as stupid does. We never made any god-damned progress. The same as it ever was!
Argentina, Japan, Australia, institutionally it fails ya. Brazil, China, Russia, Turkey, when it heats up, you'd better stay low key. Germany and France, a bad stance. You know you deserve this kick in the pants. 12 more pieces on the board. Indonesia and Mexico, should you stay or should you go? O Canada, oh South Korea. Sucks to be you, don't wanna be ya. UK, EU, US, PU. Something here stinks. It's you. 12 more pieces on the board. G20 means 12 more targets. Saudi Arabia and India too the street's on fire, what you going to do? South Africa, not really slaves but you still drive the poor right into their graves. Italy, so casually, the Lira's a liar-a and you still aren't free. 12 more pieces on the board
Our neighbours to the south have been living hand to mouth. And they're running out of oil so they're looking to our soil. Alberta's got the dirty gold to stave off the bitter cold. The economy, it will implode to keep the cars out on the road. They're looking north, they're heading fast Enduring presence, the kind that lasts Manifest Destiny, they want to seize the Arctic Sea See the drones? Start running. Flee your homes and start running. They'll concoct some brand new lies as black choppers fill the skies To liberate Canadians and not the Middle East again. You tell me it can't happen here and hoist a patriotic beer. But you know they own that, too. Stolen soul sold back to you.
Downtown Hammer Town. There's peepshow stalls by the bingo hall. Empty malls and drunken brawls. Get a double double by the vomit puddle. Welfare trouble and Lister Block rubble. There's liquor stores full of sketchy whores. Boarded up doors and pigeons galore.
We went down to the rock'n'roll show. We bug our friends just to get 'em to go. Thunder clap and a sonic boom. Breaking hearts and ears in the room. We're so hip with a massive pelvis. There's no way that you're gonna shelve us. Giant balls so we struggle with pants Kick your ass 'til you shake it and dance. We rock hard. You rock hard. Our milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. But we rock harder than you do. We went down to the rock'n'roll show. Our weak friends never bother to go. I want your coffee, and Blue wants your beers. Staying one note ahead of our peers. We don't care 'cause we're still having fun. The Human Tornado show has begun. Sardonic wit with guitar, bass and drum. We give it all when you can't handle some.
My Little Lady is a sexy lady. My Little Lady, she makes me crazy. My Little Lady, she makes me gravy.
I see them risin' up from 'neath their watery graves. Drifting up in silence like the mist on the waves. Searching for some sticky rice and new galley slaves. It's gonna take some knight to fend off these knaves. They wanna scoop my brain, pull my head from my neck. Zombie ninja pirates, what the hell? What the heck? Listen for the thumping of their peg legs on deck. Recklessly they drag along a dragon boat wreck. Yo ho ho, threat from the deep. Yo ho ho, I just can't sleep. Even the weakest runner can escape a slow walker. So there ain't too much to fear that comes from Davy Jones' Locker. This Norwegian Blue is just a mummified squawker. And a crusty, Asian seaman is the worst kind of stalker. I don't know how they got here from the seas of the East. Did they ride the Kraken or some sea beast at least? They're ravenous for neurons since their surface life ceased. But I still need my brain, so I'll ruin the feast. There's a lot of weird things that happen out on the seven seas.


Wiggler !?! and the Tiny Humans took a brief hiatus during the summer of 2012. Mr! Erik got twitchy. This is the result. Just in time for Wiggler's 19th birthday - something completely different.

Thank you to the Tiny Humans, our tiny families, the Nation of Wiggler !?! and you beautiful people of rock'n'roll. Find Wiggler !?! and the Tiny Humans at


released August 23, 2012

Mr! Erik made it. Blame him.

Photography by Picture My Face (on July 1, 2012. This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton, ON. The Destroy Music compilation launch party. Thanks Imants).

Recorded live to a 2-track at the Launch Pad, Hamilton, ON on August 8, 2012. Each song was done in a single take, and the rawness is intentional as an homage to the classic rockabilly records of the '50s.

This ep is Wiggler !?! #8.

(C) 2012 Third Nipple World Domination (SOCAN)



all rights reserved



Wiggler !?! Ontario

Anything goes if it's fun and interesting!

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