A Kama Sutra of Contrary Positions

by Wiggler !?!

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Downtown Hammertown There's bingo halls and peep show stalls Drunken brawls and empty malls Get a double double by the vomit puddle Welfare trouble and Lister Block rubble There's liquor stores and sketchy whores Boarded up doors and pigeons galore
There's a trouble brewing in these streets Hungry people burning down the town Trying to find some bread to eat somewhere around I can't believe this is happening here This is worse than the riot last year Angry people storming down the town At the food riot. Can't wait to try it Found a bag of rice! Found a bag of rice! You'd better run Found a bag of rice! Shit, here they come Fun at the food riot It's coming soon into your living room And a continent near you
Flap flap flap flap flappity flap Mr! STFU, you know what that means. Mr! STFU, shut the fuck up, please
Whatever happened to news? A bold airing of views? From what choose to peruse and what we choose to excuse Whatever happened to news? So, where's the news of the day? You all have nothing to say? When the people stay lay, passive prey are they So, where's the news of the day? But a girl's gone missing, and she's young and she's blonde Or some actor's getting married so you stake out the lawn We sell ourselves short 'cause we're all too far gone And distracted we forgo conclusions foregone And chaff news So will you show me the news, or just some pics of Tom Cruise? You obfuscate news by amusing a muse from the deck of a sun cruise But Cruise are the missiles that hit Lebanon As we chase the bait and switch, some whole cities are gone It's tragedy porn, but we still keep getting it on With scandal gossip twitters that trade brains for the brawn
Argentina, Japan, Australia, institutionally it fails ya Brazil, Russia, China, Turkey, when it heats up, you'd better stay low key Germany and France, a bad stance. You know you need a kick in the pants 12 more pieces on the board Indonesia and Mexico, should you stay or should you go Oh Canada, oh South Korea. Sucks to be you, don't wanna be ya US, EU, UK, PU. Something here stinks. It's you 12 more pieces on the board G20 means 12 more targets Saudi Arabia and India too, the street's on fire. What you going to do? South Africa, not really slaves but you still drive the poor right into their graves. Italy, so casually, the Lira's a liar-a and you still aren't free 12 more pieces on the board
I don't mean to offend you with this, but you're an asshole and a son of a bitch You can't pretend that things aren't amiss. It's better to be healthy than rich You, me and your SUV Let's take best 2 out of 3 There's no snow and the air is all brown, down on mileage but up on the pounds Herds of SUV's are crowding the town. Coiled in traffic, you're coming unwound
It's all right with me Baby, it's good
David Bowie on Fire
I'm doing just fine without your party line And your words of Jesus that seek to freeze us In antiquity, have no bearing on me Brother, let me be Just keep it to yourself Just leave it on the shelf Your ideology is old mythology Your narrative fails when logic prevails It don't make no sense, no sense of recompense Brother, why you so tense? You're sharing your thoughts but it's all for naught Believe and be free, but live and let be I am quite aware, but there's no need to share Brother, I just don't care
Park your damned car, you know how to walk Hang up the cellphone and mute all that talk I'm down with slow food from close to home So park your damned car, sugar. And get off the phone I'm through with the drive thru. That's not an idle threat Don't be defeatist, just use your feet How 'bout some vegetables, not just dairy and meat? Burger junkies, 12 steps ain't that far Don't be defeatist baby now, can't you get out your car?
Hey people now Gather 'round, now In the cities, now And the towns, now Hold your hands to the warmth as the glow fills the night sky And the crackle of flame roars along with the crowd All we ask and need is respect and dignity And it's to your shame that we must ask you aloud Hey workers, now Roll it back, now Sacred kowtow Break it down now!
We've all got a line We've all got a line Between what's fine or some different design Yeah, you've all got a line When they cross your line 'Cause they will cross your line Do you take it as fine? Do you fight? Do you whine? When they cross your line Do you stand up and fight or slip off in the night And try to blend in 'til the timing is right The line is your spine, can you make it align? Can you stand up and fight? Can you draw the line? When you draw the line And they cross that line That line is a sign, can you find your spine? When you draw the line
Global War On Terror? Gee, what's the point? As long as they can scare you, will blood anoint
My little lady is a sexy lady My little lady, you know she's makin' me crazy My little lady, you know she's makin' me gravy


released November 3, 2010

Cover Art by Lindsey Carstens
Back cover photo by Marc Bertola
Inside cover photo by Allison Bell
Tray card photo by Mr! Erik

Produced, Engineered and Performed by Mr! Erik
Recorded at The Launch Pad, Hamilton, ON

Tracks 1-14 (c) 2010 3NWD (SOCAN)
Track 15 (c) 1963 Spector, Barry, Greenwich


all rights reserved



Wiggler !?! Ontario

Anything goes if it's fun and interesting!

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